Welcome to the Portland Community Test Lab

February 26, 2014 in TestLab by labadmin

The Lab

Welcome to the Portland Test Lab web site. We have just opened a free-to-use test device lab for the Portland Community.  We welcome students, freelance developers, start-ups, and any other individuals that want to access various iOS and Android devices in order to test their apps prior to going live.

Book a date

The Portland Test Lab is located in SE Portland and we are open every day from 1pm to 5pm. Just a book a date,  let us know what devices you’d like to use for testing, and then once the booking is confirmed come in and get started with testing! The Lab can hold 3 people at a time.


Device Lab

Visit the device lab page to get a full list of available devices.

Donate a device

if you like the idea of a community lab and you are a manufacturer, a company or an individual who wants to donate a device, please contact us via email: labadmin@portlandtestlab.com